Gender Stereotypes In Canada

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Over the past few decades, North American countries have became a mosaic of different cultures and religions, but does your culture or religious beliefs Countries like Canada and America have become more diverse than any other countries in the world, giving people from all cultural and religious background, a place in the work force along-side natives to the country. Although immigrants are given work, they are often discriminated in their work place, it is immoral. Canada is a very diverse country, giving people of different backgrounds, a chance to work along side those native to the country. Although North America is a mosaic of different cultures and accepts people of all backgrounds, many people believe that those of colour and from…show more content…
In previous years, women were considered the “homemakers” of their family. The woman was supposed to stay at home and do the chores and take care of the children while the man was typically the “breadwinner” for the family, taking care of the finances and doing the work. In the past few decades however, women have become a big part of the work force, and recently have been getting equal positions to men. In the past, stereotypes of women consider them to be too emotional to be able to work in a high position, such as a CEO for example, whether this stereotype proves to be true or not. When women are elected into these high positions, their pay is only 82 cents on average, of what a man would earn doing the exact same job. It is unfair that women aren’t treated as equally and professionally as men. There is also an astonishing amount of cases against people solely because of their sexual or gender identity. Because many companies are based with dated core values, LGBT employees can feel cornered and are often judged and discriminated against by their other co-workers and most countries and states do not provide legal support for LGBT employees Overall, there is still a significant amount of discrimination in the workplace to this day and employers and coworkers should make it their duty to accept and include people of all ethnicities, religions and genders. The work an employee completes has nothing to do with their background or gender and workers should be only judged based on their competence, to give everyone an equal chance in the work

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