Gender Stereotypes In Chris Carter's The X-Files

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The “X-Files” by Chris Carter, is a show about two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who investigate strange cases. The cases they study are for the most part unsolved cases that involve paranormal phenomena. Chris Carter made the “X-Files” a bit different than most typical science-fiction/mystery shows today. The two FBI agents, Agent Mulder a male, and Agent Scully a female, both believe and think differently. Agent Mulder believes in alien life and thinks like a sci-fi person. He believes that most of the cases that deal with unexplained circumstances are happening because of extraterrestrial or paranormal beings. Agent Scully, a medical doctor, believes more scientifically and with reasoning. She was assigned to Agent Mulder to be his partner and serve a purpose. Her purpose is to provide proof with significant evidence and logical reasoning that Mulder’s cases are in fact true and not a hoax. The American belief that points out the most in this program is gender. The episode ill like to analyze from the show is episode nine from season three, titled “Nesei”. The episode begins with a mysterious box cart gets dropped off at a train station in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. During the night inside the box cart, four…show more content…
Women held lower position throughout and never mounted to anything significant. The male characters had the most important roles. They made commands, were a boss or agent, had positions of a doctor or lawyer, and held a hero image. Agent Scully in fact did hold an important position but the male image was bigger than her. There weren’t enough female agents to overpower the gender role in the FBI. Most women were either the victims to any occurrence or required saving from a man. Today in society women are still the lowest paid gender even with the same position of a man. They are viewed as the lower link and are diminished by our past
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