Gender Stereotypes In Disney Movies

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Gender Stereotypes is one of the most important topic we should be able to recognize and disengage ourselves from the cynical roles. We are constantly being told that who we are and our appearances isn’t just good enough, rather it’s the healthy body image that’s all important. This case study would help us in understanding how gender stereotyping works in a better context. We all grew up watching Disney films, the story lines and characters are quite fresh in our heads throughout these years. Girls grew up watching Cinderella and boys watched Hercules and wanted to be just like them when they grew up. At one point in our childhood, agree it or not, we have even tried to look like them, I remember buying a dress like Cinderella for my 6th birthday. As children, these characters ha become our idols, we were all about them, we wanted to dress up like them, feel like them and so on. However now when we look back at them, they don’t appear to us the same way we used to see them as children, we seem to be a bit of uncomfortable, Is it due to some of the…show more content…
Upon research I found an article conversing about the images and the depictions of the genders and race shown in Disney Films, they further discuss that, (Adessa Towbin et al., 2008)"(a) Men primarily use physical means to express their emotions or show no emotions, (b) Men are not in control of their sexuality, (c) Men are naturally strong and heroic, (d) Men have non-domestic jobs, and (e) overweight men have negative chracteristics”. Examples of such traits in the males characters are witnessed in most of the Disney

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