Gender Stereotypes In Family Guy

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Arguably the strongest characters on the show from a comedic perspective are the males. Very rarely are the females warranting laughs (if they're even in the episode at all, much less). Meg is perhaps the most comedy-centric female character, but her jokes are based on her family despising her and thinking she is ugly, stupid, terrible...

And then there's the episode where she gets a makeover, and the whole town swoons over her, including her own family. :\ What the hell?

I don't have specific episode titles or numbers, but I know there have been at LEAST ten scenes of women being brutalized for a long period of time with no purpose except to elicit laughs.

You also have Quagmire, whose character is based on sexualizing every women on the show, no matter how young... even the girl that was really overweight from the front but attractive and thin from the back.
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but Family Guy is honestly one of the most offensive television shows I've ever seen regarding its portrayal of women. It's just... horrible :\ It is sending the wrong message, completely, and all for the sake of cheap laughs.
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