Gender Stereotypes In Horror Movies: Gender Equality And Sexism In Movies

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There is definitely a problem when we talk about gender equality and sexism. It's everywhere: in movies, commercials on television, in music videos, at the workplace and even at school. The gender biases are blatant. One of the sources of the problem lies in the media and the way the media portrays women. For example, the function of an assistant can be fulfilled by both a man and a woman, but when we look at movies and commercials, we often think that it is weird when the assistant of a powerful man is not a woman but a man. Another typical example is the commercial in which women have to please their partners by cooking a tasty, hearty meal while cleaning the house in an apron, while their husbands are associated with sports, hamburgers and beer. The media gave us a…show more content…
In horror movies, for example, the victim is more often a woman than a man, simply because of the stereotypical idea that women are scared easily and scream when they are in a scary situation, and just as we expect, they go to a man for help, because the proximity of a male figure is comforting and safe. In movies, brains never go well with beauty. The hot, popular girl is often not very smart and usually mean, while the smart girl is not at all attractive to the opposite sex and nerdy. We all know the typical teenage movie in which the boring girl has to be transformed into a babe in order to become attractive and desirable for men. In movies, women are almost always changing themselves to please men. Men, just as in advertising, are also much more likely to be an attorney, an executive or have a higher education than women. The representation of gender in movies shapes imaginations and stereotypes and they teach young girls and boys about the way society sees them: the ‘roles’ they should fulfill, their worth, the way they should
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