Gender Stereotypes In Huck Finn

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One chromosome is the deciding factor to decide if an offspring will be a girl or boy. So why are the ways male and females treated so different and why do we have to have specific stereotypes for the genders. The novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain shows the ways females are treated unequal to the men in the novel. The novel starts off by Huck the main character and the narrator introducing the Widow Douglas who has adopted him because his abusive father is addicted to alcohol and unable to care for him. Her only role in the novel is to complete task like cooking, cleaning, and more for Huck. Huck then goes on to run off from Pap and the Widow Douglas embarking on an adventure with a runaway slave named Jim. His adventures revolve around the lies he creates and come close with a family. He goes on to met many females and sees his point of view from the way they are portrayed compared to men, to the daily task they completes. Mark Twain displays the traditional lifestyle of women during the ?(1830’s/40’s)? time period in several characters that are included throughout the novel. This is shown in the characters daily tasks, the power they reciene, and how the other characters viewed them. The daily task of the women in the novel fit the stereotypes of women during this time period. The Widow Douglas is an example of females normal daily task when she provides for Huck. Her daily task are ones of a mother figure and from Hucks point of view the Widow Douglas
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