Gender Stereotypes In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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For decades, women have always been viewed as nothing more than just a housewife. Their main goal in life was to get married and have children. From a young age, they were taught how to cook, clean and properly take care of their children and husband. They were looked down upon if they were not married nor had children by a certain age. The common thought was there was something wrong with them if women were not married by the time limit. Women were never thought of becoming lawyers or doctors because of the restrictions of the functions they had to do, based on their gender. They were just considered property belonging to their spouse. In Kate Chopin’s works such as The Awakening, she contradicted the roles and stereotypes of women and…show more content…
They had to stay home and look after the children and do the domestic chores while their husband went to work. In Judy Brady’s, “I Want A Wife,” she illustrates what women would do on a daily basis: “ I want a wife who will keep my clothes clean, ironed, mended, and replaced when need be. ...” Women were held responsible for doing everything for her husband and children. They never once thought of themselves, their lives revolved around their husband and kids. In Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening, she demonstrates how being restricted to one role because of their gender can, therefore, have major consequences just like how it did to Edna. Women were viewed as nothing more than a maid, when in reality they did so much and were not appreciated. They had to cook, clean, look after the children and much more when they could have been doing bigger and better things. Those who decided to not do what was required of them had to face major consequences such as their children being taken away or being shunned by their community. Women today are finding cures for diseases or running their own businesses, instead of being the one at home yet, they do not get the same praise men do. There are still some people that view women as nothing more than just a housewife, there are still some men that believe women are their property. Women are continuously facing judgment and criticism for not being what men want them…show more content…
Nevertheless, it has not prevented women from reaching their full potential. According to the article, “Men really ARE from Mars: Gender stereotypes still strong today despite rise of feminism,” written by Stephen Beech there has not been a “significantly change from 1983 to 2014.” Moreover, there are still people that expect women to do everything for their husbands such as the duties described in Brady’s essay. Women can achieve more than just pleasing their spouse, but no one unquestionably recognizes what can be achieved. Despite the fact that it has been years since women were obliged to be stay at home moms and our society is more accepting, women are still looked down at if they are not. Women have overcome many stereotypes and continue to do so, but there will always be more. These stereotypes have not stopped women from accomplishing want they want to do, it has given them a reason to reach their goal, so they can prove to people that they are more than what men believe they are. Women facing criticism push them to strive for greater success and continue to break more stereotypes. Above all people’s thoughts on what a woman should do has to change. Otherwise, stereotypes will continue to control people’s mindset if nothing is
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