Cultural Differences Between Men And Women Essay

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Refer to (Schein, 1989) stated that the both men and women not only depend on biological term but the social roles of the genders also determined by the contemporary society since these roles are determined primarily by culture. There is a very great diversity among women even though they do bring diversity to the leadership. According to Schein (1989) even though many research have proven the differences between female and males, but commonly believed that the variation between female and male are fewer. Besides that the differences between the sexes is lesser than the differences within each sex. In the late 1960s and early 1970s each research on sex role stereotypes shows that women were seen to be more cams and expressive, whereby men were seen competent. Those times masculinity and femininity were seen as opposites. Masculine were expected to be men and feminine were to be women -and whoever fell in the middle was referred as need of help (Powell & Butterfield, 1989) or maladjusted. According to Hofstede (1998, pp. 6-7) define that masculinity and femininity dimension differentiates countries, as well as individuals in a debate. Men are supposed to be assertive, tough and focused on material success whereby women are supposed to be more modest,
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The leadership style appears more related to a higher effectiveness and more satisfaction in between subordinates (Eagly and Johannesen- Schmidt, 2001) and women are judged to be more transformational than men in between subordinate. Many important researches as prove that for many management positions women are still perceived to be less qualified than men (Eagly and Johnson, 1990). In addition, in many organizational practices female leaders tend to have difficulties and there also found risk of receiving less professional respect from their followers than male leaders (Wolfram et al.,
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