Gender Stereotypes In Lee Ross 'Game Changer'

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ideo games have been a popular past time among boys for many years. However, most recently a major change has occurred; the number of females in a virtual world previously dominated by the opposite gender has increased 6% since 2006 ( ). With this, many difficulties ranging from discrimination to threats have been brought to the world’s attention by means such as Brooke Ross’ “Game Changer,” an article that focuses mainly on the characters in these games. She also comments on other dilemmas that girls might face as they venture into the world of gaming. Ross makes her points by using statistics, praise, and “hot button” phrases in an effort to persuade us that these problems are real and should not be ignored any longer. We…show more content…
Even though these girls might be on the same level as the boys who have been playing longer, these girls are still not treated fairly. Concerning the characters, “it implied that boys and girls aren’t equal.” The mention of “equality” shows the difference in perspective, to an outsider they are just characters on a screen but to the gamer it is so much more. Boys are considered to be better players by most people, but when a girl beats them it can be taken as a type of insult. “An increase in online harassment and threats toward some female.” No matter how good these girls might be at gaming, the boys might feel like their turf is being invaded Ross says. Gaming was a place for even the less popular kids to go and feel accepted but now what? “Harassments” and “threats” are a major concern and Ross’ use of these words makes the reader pay more attention. These girls are trying to do what they enjoy and, maybe just like the boys are just trying to find a place to feel like they aren’t being judged but instead they get are being bombarded with torment. These boys who feel inferior and feel the need to bring down others to improve their self-esteem should, instead of using girls as a target to harass, be viewed as a reason to step up their game and get even
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