Television And Media Analysis Essay

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The findings of this research report analysis can conclusively be categorized into three main areas; gender stereotype, lifestyle behavior and general sexual depiction on LGBT social group. For further understanding of these peculiarities associated with LGBTs on American television, the elements of three different television series with same features based on LGBT plot was investigated. In the first part, the relevance of gender stereotype is expressed as a major factor needed for performance and proper character depiction. Modern American television have constantly strived to demonstrate LGBTs with diverse representation in a more positive manner which in turn can help improve the general attitudes towards homosexuals at both explicit and implicit levels. This ihas become notably helpful over the years. Homosexuals and LGBT individuals represent a minority group that has been historically portrayed unfairly by the media (Fouts & Inch, 2005; Netzley, 2010). However, a relatively greater number of strong negative gender stereotypes still exist according to Calzo & Ward (2009), the end goal is for the general public to first accept these group of persons as every other human rather than separating them with stereotypes based on their gender and sexual preferences.…show more content…
In general, because the media is examined as a reflection of the mainstream, the representation of interaction between heterosexuals and LGBT characters is in general depicted by the media in a way that family members and friends still maintain contact with each other regardless of the difference in sexuality. This is meant to portray to the heterosexual social group that acceptance is the key to co-existing and being gay or lesbian does not make you different from any other
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