Gender Stereotypes In Modern Chinese Literature

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Simone de Beauvoir once depicted female’ gender identity like this way, “One is not born, but rather becomes a woman”2.Evidently, she believes the female group itself, does not own a born ability of abiding the norm of what female “should” do.This kind of role is called female gender role.There’s no doubt that some seemingly-hidden social forces are distorting the natural reshaping of female’ self gender role.
Literature is a mirror of reality.When we look back at the development of modern Chinese literature,it’s not complicated to capture the subtle change or revolutionary remodeling of the female characters.More and more eye-catching heroines touch the bottom of our heart by their characteristic personalities and diachronous courage when facing the challenge from masculinity. So let’s dig into the deep ground of modern Chinese literature, picking up a handful of scented but bloody earth of those unforgettable female masterpieces,to get to know how vital they are in the process of remodeling female gender roles throughout all these decades.

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1.Wandering in the shadow of traditional gender stereotypes:gloom and norm

Gender stereotypes, a kind of social mind that simplifies the image of a certain gender and ignores the individuals to have different gender characteristic from this kind of conventional mind.Gender stereotypes in the modern Chinese literature are especially remarkable when we look back to the 1895-1919
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