Gender Stereotypes In Nimona

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Throughout society and literature, there are various gender roles that once established, they became a norm which led to many characters and views to blindly follow such roles. Despite that, there are people and authors alike who try to break down gender roles and try get others to rid themselves of traditional gender roles. One such author is Noelle Stevenson, the creator of the graphic novel Nimona, which follows the story of a supposed young girl who can shape shift while being the sidekick of the notorious villain Ballister Blackheart. Stevenson, though breaking away from the majority of gender norms, still purposely includes some inside of Nimona herself, such as the ‘damsel in distress’ trope. This is due to Stevenson attempting to show her readers that…show more content…
This notion shows to the readers that no one should be locked into one role and can display traits traditionally for specific genders. Which can be seen in Nimona, as she for the most part, displays that of a non-traditional female role as she is the only one in the graphic novel willing to be calm and cool headed while nonchalantly murdering people. Such a switch in non-traditional roles is when Nimona goes to rescue Blackheart and not the other way around, however by attempting this, got captured herself. “We expected her to attempt a rescue attempt-especially with us broadcasting the news of your impending execution” (Stevenson 190). Having Nimona being extremely capable and independent yet still end up captured at some point during the story allows readers to see how Nimona encompasses various aspects of both gender roles. Showing how even the strong may have to be saved or work together sometimes. Thus simultaneously breaking and succumbing to the traditional gender roles, which further showing the reader how one person can entail a variety of stereotypical roles, supposedly for a single gender, at

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