Gender Stereotypes In Rap Music

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Gender is the state of being male and female. Images are an external representation of person or art. Put these two things together and you will have gender images. What are gender images? Music consist of both gender and images. There are many types of music. How are each gender portrayed in their musical category. How are rap, pop, and country images portrayed? Why are rappers called thugs and gangstas? How women in pop music became more superior? Why is most country music based on relationships. During my research, I will take a look at these things. Why are these questions important? I think it’s important because you get to learn about one’s culture.
Rap music often comes under attack. There are many issues that contribute to it. When people thinks of rap music. They think of the language and violence. In the late 70’s and early 80’s rap consist of breakdancing, deejaying, and graffiti. From then on, rap introduced gangsta rap. Which was invented by N.W.A. Women are often glorified as bitches and whores. In the videos, women wear
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Rappers are known to make it rain in the strip club. Meaning throwing thousands of dollars to strippers. A strip club is a rapper hang out spot. Most women have fake bodies. They have them injected with silicone. There are few female rappers. Nicki Minaj is the biggest female rappers. They are female rappers but she is the biggest. I would say she crossed over to pop now. She is a perfect example of a fake body. A rapper slogan is money, cars, and whores. That is there culture. That is the gender image in music. Today pop music has grown to new heights. Female pop artist today are more superior. The women today can make uplifting music. The women today is super talented. Three of those artist are Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift. I will say these are the three biggest pop stars today. Sex also sells in pop music. Today in music, sex appeal is everything. The women

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