Gender Stereotypes In 'Rite Of Passage'

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“When a man gives his opinion, he's a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she's a bitch” said Betty Davis. Contemporary society has many different gender stereotypes. All those stereotypes make a hart time for young boys and girls in America today. Gander stereotypes could limit women’s and men’s capacity to develop their personal abilities. There are many gender stereotypes about men and women such as men are leaders, men are strong, men are rulers, but women are treated conversely like a second gender. In the poem "Rite of Passage," Sharon Olds describes all today's stereotypes about male and shows how the world views a normal man in a society. Also, in the writing "The War Against Boys" Christina Hoff Sommers writes Patricia O'Reilly opinion about that "It is really clear that boys are Number One in this society and in most of the world" (283). All those gender stereotypes could lead to misogyny, sexual harassment, and violence into families, at school, even on streets. Those stereotypes are very dangerous for each individual and for a whole society. In…show more content…
In the writing "The War Against Boys," Christina Hoff Sommers and Sharon Olds, in the poem "Rate of Passage," very clearly describe today's stereotypes about male and female and their negative and dangerous impact on everyone and on society as a whole. In today's developed world, the question of destruction of stereotypes is very important because modern stereotypes do not allow to realize people who disagree with conventional wisdom. Social discrimination means limitation or loss of rights in all areas of life: employment, economic, political, spiritual, and everyday life. Those negative gender stereotypes give the opportunity to men to abuse women, and it can lead to misogyny, sexual harassment, and violence at school, at home, and even on the
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