Gender Stereotypes In STEM Field

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Picture this, a girl has finally graduated college and was offered a job to become a computer engineer. She heads to work with a good mood. All she wants to do is get to know her colleagues. She arrives at work and instantly she hears mutters saying, “What is SHE doing here? Women don’t belong in this job." They say this even though she is just as capable as they are when it comes to working there. This is an example of a gender stereotype that women can’t work in STEM fields. The fact that women are being discriminated from jobs that involve science, math, technology, and engineering proves to society that men are "more capable" at higher level careers. This stereotype is a major issue in society. This ongoing process of rejecting someone…show more content…
They are portrayed to be the ones who take on tasks that use little effort. To support this in an article written by Brogan Driscoll, it states “...society’s attitude and the deeply-institutionalised assumption that women can’t” (Driscoll 1). However, even though it may seem like men take over in STEM fields and dominate the businesses, both genders have an equal amount of work. To prove this statement, an article titled “Why the STEM gender gap is overblown” it states, “When we look at the percentage of STEM bachelor’s degrees awarded to female students for the last two decades, based on NSF statistics, we find that there is no gender difference in the biosciences, the social sciences, or mathematics, and not much of a difference in the physical sciences” (Cummins 1). As can be seen from the evidence the stereotype is false because each gender has their own specific set of skills that they can build off of. In addition, it states “there is no gender difference” proving that they, in fact, have an equal amount of work. Therefore, women can do what others believe they…show more content…
This can be supported by a quote from an article titled “Women In STEM: The Truth About Working In A Male-Dominated Field And How To Get More Girls On Board”. It says, “Priya says not only does it make life unpleasant for women in employment, but it actively discourages women from entering the industry in the first place” (Driscoll 1). This is false because although it may seem like there are more men in STEM fields, most technological companies actually want to have women working for them. In support of this, an article titled “Women in STEM” states, “In fact, many companies want to hire and keep qualified women for STEM jobs” (Career Wise 1). As can be seen from the evidence presented by Careerwise, this stereotype can be debunked because it shows that women can persevere through all the hardships even when brought down. Moreover, they can now be more confident when working in engineering, and other fields of the same, since they are wanted. Finally, just because someone is brought down by something, doesn’t mean they aren’t good at their

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