Gender Stereotypes In TV Shows

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TV Show Analysis Television is possibly one of the most influential media outlets that we encounter today. The shows that we watch have a lot to do with shaping the culture of the people that watch them. Television often has a way of making the viewers feel as if the shows they are watch are actually real and factual. While it is very useful and entertaining, television can also be harmful if the viewer is unaware of the impact that it can have on them. This analysis will focus on how gender is represented in the tv shows, “Friends”, “Full House”, and a commercial for popular cleaning product Swiffer. The first show, “Friends”, was a very popular show during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. It focused on the lives and adventures of six friends in their mid twenties who live in New York City. Each character features a very different personality, which gives the show a wide range of diversity. This show aired during a time when gender roles were becoming less strict and society’s view on those who stepped outside of their roles were more accepting. Despite this, the show still displays clear gender stereotypes in many of the characters. Lead male characters like Ross, Chandler, and Joey are mostly portrayed as…show more content…
This might seem like an odd source to observe gender roles, but it is probably one of the most blatant uses of stereotyping that we see in today’s culture. The commercials for Swiffer, along with countless other similar brands, almost always portray the same thing. The star of the commercial is almost always a middle aged white woman, who is busy at home cleaning with the advertised product. While this may not seem like a big issue, it does, in fact, tell us a lot about how our society views women. It gives us the image that women belong at home cleaning and taking care of the household while the man is at work. It is subtly placing these stereotypes in our minds without us even realizing
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