Gender Stereotypes In The Film Tangerine

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The film Tangerine, present how trans people live their life and the challenges that they face. At the beginning when we started to watch the film, I didn’t think it would be interesting or anything. As you continue the film to the end, it was interesting then expected. This film was able to give a more understanding to how trans people are being perceived in society and how they are excluded by people. Even though the film was shot by several iPhone cameras, it was still able to capture my attention of the film. In the film, Tangerine, trans actresses were able to express themselves through their own roles. Also, the film seems to eliminate stereotypes about trans people. Although in the film, the trans actress illustrate as sex workers, it doesn’t mean that all trans people are.…show more content…
Violence is all around us, without we even knowing it and it won’t change. Life can be tough, especially those who aren’t being accepted for who they are but judge by their appearance, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and other norms that doesn’t follow societal norms. Violence is used to show power, authority, and sometimes to make a point about an issue. For example, when Sin-Dee got splash by urine, it express the hatred that some people feel towards non-heterosexual people. Also, it present how non-heterosexual are being treated differently than heterosexual person. I like the two main characters, especially the bond and connection between them. Alexandra was looking out for Sin-Dee in the film, especially at the end of the film. Alexandra took her to the laundromat to get Sin-Dee’s outfit dried, she even gave her wing to Sin-Dee. Even though the both had their problems and difference, at the end they were able to comfort each other and became friends. Chester was the main problem throughout the film, cheating on Sin-Dee with Dinah and not admitting to
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