Gender Stereotypes In The Great Gatsby

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Gender stereotypes are generalizations about gender differences, attributes as well as the roles of men and women in society. Traditionally the role of the stereotypical male is to be the breadwinner of the household; he is usually seen as independent career driven and not in touch with his emotional side. Whereas the traditional role of the female is to be dependent on a male figure, have children and then nurture them while staying in touch with their emotional side. In most literature these stereotypes are prevalent. Sometimes these stereotypes are intentional like in the case of The Great Gatsby. The author, F Scott Fitzgerald has used stereotypes in order to depict the reality of the era. The novel is based in the 1920s where women had…show more content…
The Wolf of Wall Street is a novel based on the real life of Jordan Belfort. The novel is written from a male perspective and is full of stereotypes, women in the book are completely objectified, none of the female characters are given any depth and are only described only through their physical appearance. They are merely sex objects for Belfort’s enjoyment. Belfort leaves his first wife for a better looking woman showing how they are just trophies to him and when Belfort’s wife leaves him after he loses his money she is seen in a negative light and as a gold digger even though Belfort abused and cheated on her. I would argue that The wolf of wall street should be included on the grounds that it actually negatively portrays the stereotypes themselves, at the end of the novel Belfort is washed up and degraded so therefore all his actions including his ill treatment of women is shown as a bad
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