Masculinity In Military

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In a career dominated by masculinity and it is hard for females to be recognized for their contributions and skills. In Canada around 1885, the first women to be too considered part of the military served as nurses. At the start of World War II women were employed by the army and air forces to serve as clerks, administrative, and support personnel, so that more men could be freed up for combat. Unfortunately, the Canadian Women’s Army Corps and the Royal Canadian Naval Service were disbanded in 1946. This left nursing as the only source of employment for women by the Canadian government. It wasn’t until 1971, that women were given equal service rights as men. This allowed, Heather Erxleben to be the first women to serve in the regular force…show more content…
Women are viewed as either being extraordinary in their effects or problematic in the army as they couldn’t “clear the physical or mental hurdles” that are necessary to pass to be able to go into combat (citation). Those against the idea on women in combat zones or holding positions in the military believe they will not meet the required standards necessary for the military, qualifications which are based on male recruits and not structured for female recruits. In contrast the military is not structured to support its women recruits. It is arguable to say that women should be allowed on the front lines of combat as they can meet the physical demands required to fight, they will not affect unit moral or cohesion, and as they challenge the prehistoric traditional roles of the military for the…show more content…
Although it is granted that men are stronger than women, it can still be maintained that countless women have tried and passed the issued physical fitness tests. In addition, many would suggest that women lower the moral and unit cohesion as an argument against women fighting in combat. In some units cohesion may not be gained between male and female recruits. However, studies done on Norwegian and Israel armies women bring useful skills to their units and have increases the cohesion within their assigned units. Another argument many believe in is that the military is not appropriate for women due to its traditional gender stereotypes. These people tend to object to soldiers showing stereotypical feminine qualities. Yet, it has been proven that women can show the qualities of a stereotypical soldier and leave their femininity behind while working. Although women in combat may seem as a concern to only a small group of people, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about the equality of women in masculine ruled careers. Women should be given the same and equal opportunities as males when it comes to the military, as they are able to perform to the same physical fitness standards and training, increase cohesion and moral in a military unit, and challenge the old traditional masculine stereotypes
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