Gender Stereotypes In The Movie 'North Country'

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Watch the movie North Country (2005) starring Charlize Theron. This is an R rated movie (note: not family friendly). After viewing the movie, provide an analysis answering the following list of questions. Remember, this is not a movie critique or summary. a) Define the many stereotypes within the movie and how those stereotypes reinforce inappropriate behaviors. There are many Stereotypes portrayed in the movie. The main one is the misconception that men have about women who work at the mine and they treat and call them by all the nasty names. But what is pitiful and sad is the complicity of the authorities of the company who tolerate such kind of conduct by men against women and do not take any action to stop it. I felt through the movie…show more content…
Are both evident in the movie – provide examples. Women have endured some obscene acts, including non-consenting physical contact and without any respect for their physical integrity throughout the movie. This happened from the beginning until the end of the movie. I can mention the example of the man who tape the buttocks of a female employee when she was newly introduced in the company - Shortly after, there was a surprise of the employee who opened her lunch box and found a sex toy inside. Most women working in the mine have once been victim of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. c) At any time did the female characters show (through words or actions) that they would be receptive to advances by their male co-workers? Provide examples. Although some women were reluctant to complaints about sexual and verbal attacks they are victims of against their employers or coworkers, none of them has at any moment and at any point in the movie has never let it go, neither accept there advances, or even give or be receptive to any advances made by their male colleagues. 1. I noticed that during the break, a woman has been victim of advances made by a man but she did not seem to appreciate them and just ignored

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