Gender Stereotypes In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Stowe depicted men as greedy, selfish, and rode. Mr. Haley is a male character that is greedy and grumpy. He asked Mr. Shelby to sell Uncle Tom and Harry so that Mr. Shelby could pay his debt. When Mr. Shelby hesitated about the trade, Mr. Haley exerted an influence on Mr. Shelby by talking about his believes in benefits and all the positive feedback he received. Therefore, he succeeded in convincing Mr. Shelby to sell his honest loyal servants. Besides, Mr. Haley extremely discriminated against African slaves. During his talk with Mr. Shelby, he used the word “niggers” to describe Tom and Harry which could demonstrate his bias in race. Whereas male characters were described as kind, helpful, religious, and moral. Emily
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