Gender Stereotypes Of Gender Bias In Sexual Offences

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Gender Bias in Sexual Offences Sexual violence occurs in times of peace and of war. It is not limited to any particular setting. It takes place within committed relationships and between strangers alike. In fact, it can occur between people of any gender and sexuality, even though there is no universal consensus on this aspect. However, the academic community is unanimous in its conclusion that sexual violence is usually about dominance and control rather than some form of sexual gratification. It is not all together denied that reasons of personal sexual gratification may exist, but sometimes these violations may be a by-product of necessary military training, or in a more instrumental capacity—for example, as a reward offered to soldiers for participating in conflict in the first place. Sexual violence manifests in the form of physical violence that has the power to fundamentally undermine the victim’s confidence and self-identity. It is precisely because of this reason that sexual violence is a common feature of war zones. Sexual violence during armed conflict affects men as well as women. However, our stereotypes and fixed ideologies would usually prevent us from accepting the same but the fact remains that such form of violence is occurring not only against women but also against men. The recent images leaked of the Abu Ghraib prison bear testimony to the treatment meted out to mail detainees. In addition to this, the ICTY and ICTR have also made passing reference to

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