Gender Stereotypes: A Gender Study

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This study is trying to find out how Canton-pop act as a social mirror that portrays gender stereotype of women from its product through lyrics. But firstly we have to identify what is gender stereotype; ‘Gender’ is the process of dividing up people and behaviors by their reproductive biological or sexual identities (Chris Beasley, 2005) and stereotypes are the characteristics that widely shared by the general public or socially shared beliefs of what female and male should behave. (Greenwald & Banaji, 1995) It can be recreational, educational, social, emotional, therapeutic, and spiritual (Hays, Bright, & Minichiello, 2002).Identity formation is a key part of human development to set up beliefs, desires and ideas of distinguishing people from others. (Fearon, 1999)

Generally gender stereotype has been diverging into two categories --- Feminist and Masculinity, which feminist mostly describes women and masculinity mostly describes men, but now there are more and more neutral stereotypes that available for both men and women. As my studies mainly focus on women, I’ll further elaborate on femininity.

The music industry
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(Chu, 2007) The earlier pieces of Cantopop reflected the development of Hong Kong undergoing big changes that finally reaped success. Later stage of Canto-pop was sympathetic to the underprivileged while complaining about the injustices of the world. In the other hand, it is also relaxing, Cantopop songs are at the beginning and the end of TV shows, which accompanies Hong Kong peoples’ lives every night. In recent years, the role of Cantopop in Hong Kong has changed. The songs no longer reflected the disadvantaged, the majority of song types are love relationships. (Musketeerleoleo,
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