Introduction To Gender Stereotypes

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Introduction of Gender Stereotypes

Looking back at different centuries it can be seen that gender stereotypes have been increasing and spreading rapidly around the world in different cultures; our society has allowed gender stereotypes to control many aspects of human activity.
Elliot Aronson, an American psychologist, has stated “ Stereotypes are used to attribute the identical features to each member of a certain group without taking the existing differences among the members into consideration (1972). Nowadays it is thought that by knowing something as simple as someone’s sex, you know a lot about them, such as their interests, hobbies, their emotional characteristics and the way they think. Theories such that men are aggressive, tough,
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There is a theory that has not been scientifically proven however has been told for the past years, this is that men preform better at math than woman and are able to grasp concepts and understand them much quicker and easier. There has been many experiments conducted that prove the affect of this theory on performances of students in school for example and experiment that was done by the university of Washington where 247 children in grades one through five where asked to sort words in categories, there were four kinds of words: boy names, girls names, math words and English words. “Children expressing the math-gender stereotype should be faster to sort words when boy names are paired with math words and girl names are paired with reading words” (McElroy, Molly) ““Our results show that cultural stereotypes about math are absorbed strikingly early in development, prior to ages at which there are gender differences in math achievement” ( Andrew…show more content…
An average person today sees 300-700 advertisements (sharilee) (not sure about the reliability?)(another web 5000). However humans have selective memory, some details we don’t even realize, some go into our short-term memory and if we are interested enough we then take it into our long-term memory. What is making todays advertisements unique, recognizable and distinguishable from all the thousands of advertisements that are focused on the same product/service that’s being
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