Gender Stereotypes: The Representation Of Women In Popular Culture

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From the beginning of time we have heard that women belong in the kitchen and hold a lower status when compared to men. Their only goal in life should be to take care of a family and look pretty for their husband. Society always contradistinguishes between women and men, instead of holding them to an equal stature. Women and men both have societal rules that they have to live up to, however, women at the end of the day have more stereotypical gender roles holding them back. Women have also always been held up by body standards and the idea of beauty; this arose more in the last 100 years through popular representation of women through marketing, advertising, films, music and television. There has been a fragmentation of the body of women that is depicted in popular culture. The poem “Barbie Doll” and the short story “Girl”, both represent the ideas of how the world prematurely assumes how girls/women are suppose to behave or look. Women have dealt with being objectified for as long as the world has had written and visual representation. This objectification became more apparent as print media was introduced and the world became more global. Society engraves gender stereotypes in the minds of girls/women from the minute they enter the world and does not let them live their own life but instead the one modeled for them. “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy, is one of the best pieces of work to describe the gender stereotypes that are placed on girls/women. The first four lines

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