Gender Stereotyping And Feminism

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2.4 Related Studies
Gender stereotype and Feminism
One of the related study is Gender Stereotyping in the Third World by Ishita Mukhopadhyay (2011). She claims that Concentration of female employment in specific job types is the phenomenon associated with construction of gender stereotypes. As well, various professions have also been related to severe gender stereotyping. The current paper tries to build an evaluation of gender stereotyping, whilst setting forth its departure from existing segregation measures. The paper then tries to assess and analyze the extent of stereotyping in some countries. The main objective is to look into the nature of stereotyping. The paper then, broadens the concept of stereotyping and provides measures so that the repercussions brought in by the forces of globalization in the third world can be lodged in the measure for gender stereotyping.
Another study is Serap Firat’s Caryl Churchill and Gender Roles : Owners, Cloud Nine, and Top Girls. This study gives an account of Churchil’s effort to highlight the effects of patriarchal essentialism in terms of gender roles. The thesis is assesses Caryl Churchill’s criticism of social and culturally established roles enforced by patriarchy on both sexes in her three plays Owners, Cloud Nine, and Top Girls by referring to Kate Millet’s definition of the aspects of patriarchal ideology in Sexual Politics, and the thesis contends that gender roles are arbitrary.
The next study is Gender Politics and
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