Gender Stereotyping In Children Essay

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Childhood is a carefree, happy time, like one of those dream sequences prevalent in films where you're running through a field of flowers with your hair open. Now pause this dream sequence, and imagine if someone puts you in a cage. A cage that grows smaller and ever more suffocating. How would that feel? That is what gender stereotyping does to children. Gender Stereotyping suppresses an individual to believe that they are not perfect and will not be accepted by society unless they follow the societal norms.

The most shocking part about gender stereotyping in children, is that adults instill it in them without even realizing they do. Consider a person’s life for example. From the moment he/she born, that one word defines most if not all of their life choices starting with the clothes they wear to the decorations in their room to the toys they play with. “Children develop gender-typed patterns of behavior and preferences as early as age 15 to 36 months” states a psychological viewpoint on gender stereotyping in children. This is a shocking factor as if children are able to make preferences at such an early age, it is clear how gender stereotyping comes about. This is due to the fact that young children look up to elders who instill in a young boy or girl values and
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A combination of both should very well suffice the needs of a family, irrespective of where it comes from. To better demonstrate, single mothers are string individuals who play the role of both a father and mother as they have to handle jobs and their children as they are the sole bread winners of the family. Subsequently, gay fathers would have to adopt a more docile side perhaps to create a “motherly”, caring and supportive bond with their
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