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In the society, the influences of gender stereotyping remain strong. Be it in school and daily life in classrooms.
Gender stereotyping in play helps children to develop physically, cognitively, social and emotionally. That is how children learn and how they work out who they are and how they thinks the world works and where they fit it.

Playing is one of the wonderful experiences that a child can have. Spending time together during play gives child lots of several ways to learn.
Plays help child to develop his or her confidence, feel loved, happy and safe, and learn about caring for others and the environment. In the society, there are still some people has strong preference over gender appropriate toys. Where boys should play with “boy” toys like cars or toy guns whereas for girls they should be playing with dolls or cookery toys.

When issue-raised base on the interview on gender-stereotype in play, both parents share the same opinion as to children should be encourage in gender stereotype in play.
According to them, they felt
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Both allowed their children to play be it “boy” toys or “girly” toys.
Parent A allow her sons to play with dolls and according to her, her sons are very rough and act in any form of play like being a superhero and villains whilst the girls remain gentle when play.- Children do manifest these behavior progress through different types of play as they grow, this include interactive play with other children. - As they grow, the way they play will change. He or she will get more creative and experiment more with toys.
When questions being asked like, any concern if child plays with “feminine” and “masculine” toys, both parents are worried if their sons are really into it and behaving like a feminine way. Parent A felt gender roles are culturally influence by their surroundings and it’s hard to accept if boys would be into it by playing with feminine

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