Gender Stereotypes In Long Hair

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Gender stereotyping, something we all know about, is the over-generalizations about the characteristics of an entire group or group of people based on gender. We all know many people, or that one person, who doesn't fit their gender stereotype. Whether it's having short or long hair or painted finger nails, the only thing that makes us female or male is the chromosomes that make us who we are. Our gender defining genetic composition. People think the way someone dresses or the way they speak or even the way their hair is styled shows everyone their gender. Not for my brother. My brother is a very courageous person for growing out his hair and expressing himself in a unique way. Despite what anyone has to say about his unique style. It makes…show more content…
Specifically, these female celebrities have chosen to cut their hair short. With the opposing gender, there are many men with long hair. The paradigm shift surrounding men with long hair, as opposed to shorter hair, is growing due to the fantasy world of marvel where many men have long hair like; Thor, Loki, Bucky and QuickSilver just to name a few. These inspire kids to copy that look, the long hair look and it works with the kids nowadays because they think it's cool or mainstream. It has become more common in this generation, from man buns to hair reaching their upper thigh. Men style their hair different ways and they all make it work. Even some rappers I listen to have long hair, not just rappers but artist from all sorts of genres have long hair, rock, indie, pop, rap, acoustic and the list goes on. Everyone has their own opinion so I personally cannot blame someone for not liking a certain…show more content…
We are all unique and in fact we are all normal. We all see and carry out our lives through our own perspective. Everything we decide from wanting to be a different gender to wanting to grow out your hair or shave it is an individual choice. We all have our own opinions and our own thoughts on how someone should look or behave. At the same time, as a society, we really don’t have control of what other people choose to do with their appearance and how they behave. My brother and I will move forward as young individuals who believe in what we believe and no one can tell us that we’re wrong. It will be our individual decision. I draw on my clothes and have an odd but trendy fashion sense and not everyone likes it but many do. My brother will move forward as that one male kid in his class with long hair and he has no shame in being that kid. My family and I truly believe that being unique is better than being the same as everyone else. That doing what you want to express your personality is better than assimilating to what others want you to be. I believe that our society today is going through a paradigm shift when it comes to gender stereotyping. I believe our society is becoming more accepting and tolerant to personal expression. What should matter most is personal choice and

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