Gender Stereotyping In The United States

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The way society functions today can be seen as normal to many individuals. As us individuals wake up each morning each person has a regular task that he or she performs each day. It is either going to work or stay at home. Usually the man goes out and works to provide for the family while the woman stays at home to take care of the house chores and the kids. It was because of this that society today has structured itself that women and men would have set roles. This example of gender stereotyping can be seen as far back as when man first crossed the icy plains of the Atlantic and ended up in North America. The dominant gender would go out and hunt while the other tends to the children. As time progressed, it seemed that society has kept this stereotype and until now, it still exists. Women over the years fought for the same rights as men and in return only achieved few major accomplishments. Even though women fought for some of these landmark achievements, we still see inequality in every aspect of our lives, through the media, socialization, science, and the workplace. The causes of these factors have detrimental effects in what we perceive to be right and wrong. When we socialize with people in our young age, we can be persuaded easily. We begin learning at a young age and while we are…show more content…
However, a decade later, the Civil Rights movement had led women to believe that they should have the same rights as men. They began to demand that their abilities to perform tasks are similar even better than men’s. Their work was to be recognized in society. And in fact, as several decades past by, women were actually leaders of companies and small businesses. Many individuals still believe that women are not as intelligent as men, these beliefs still prove that society has its stereotypes that can not be let

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