Gender Stratification Of Women In The Film Grease

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“The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” -Roseanne Barr. Throughout literature and time, women have been degraded and are seen as dependent on males through different writings. This is because of the ancient idea that men are stronger and more useful than women. The way that women are described in stories, whether through appearances or way of life, have helped further male dominance in societies and gender stratification.
The way that women’s appearances are described in stories proves men are in control of societies today. In the 1978 movie Grease, the question is as follows, “What’s that matter, aren’t you happy” (Frenchie). “No but I could be. Could you help me?” (Sandy). This highlights Sandy’s changes
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For example, in the fairytale Rumpelstiltskin, the brothers Grimm analyze gender stratification when they say, “All at once the door opened and in stepped a little Man, who said, ‘Good evening, fair maiden; why do you weep so sore?’ ‘Ah,’ she replied, ‘I must spin this straw into gold, and I am sure I don’t know how’” (Grimm 436). Proving my point, this point shows how the woman was incapable of doing her duty without a man’s help. This demonstrates male dominance because the authors write her as helpless and dependent on men. It teaches readers that men are in control of social normalities and how society views women. A woman cannot even live her way of life without the help and reliance of a male. The description of characters in literature has helped gender stratification to become normal. In the book A General Theory of Gender Stratification, Rae Lesser Blumberg states, “ 'Remember the Golden Rule- he who has the gold makes the rules.' (...) the amount of gold controlled by each sex would be compared”. This quote talks about the comparison of control of men and women. He uses the example to show that if you compared the amount of “gold” each had, it would prove that men have greater power. In literature, men are always the wealthy ones, therefore they make the rules in society. Women being described as lesser than men, whether through riches or abilities, throughout stories and in today’s world proves that men hold a great amount of power in our
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