Gender Stroop Effect

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My question for the science fair project is: Does Gender Affect The Stroop Effect? I chose this question after learning what the Stroop Effect was. I thought it was absolutely captivating how the brain, one of the most advanced parts of the body, can be slowed down by something as little as the color of the word. It was fascinating how something so little could cause such a big difference. After I understood the concept of the Stroop Effect, I thought how can I take this to a higher level and do an experiment on it? Well, while is was looking up countless sights I found an interesting question, ‘’Does Gender Affect The Stroop Effect?’’. I thought it was a very interesting idea, considering the fact that you wouldn’t think that gender would make a difference
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Which causes your brain to slow down by a great amount. Currently, on average it takes females 0.18 seconds to finish reading ten congruent words, and it takes females on average 0.27 seconds to finish reading ten incongruent words. On the other hand it takes men on average 0.30 seconds to finish reading ten congruent words, and it takes males on average 1.04 long to finish reading ten incongruent words. During this test each subject was given instructions to read each word, and only the word, this was the test for congruent. Each subject was proven to read all of the congruent words at a swift paste. While each subject was confirmed to read all of the incongruent words at a much sluggish paste. Therefor the subjects seem to read better, faster, and more efficiently, when reading congruent words than subjects reading incongruent words tend to read sluggish, incorrectly, and difficulty. This all was proven by John Ridley Stroop. This middle age man, (76 years old) was was the founder of the Stroop Effect. John was born on March 21, 1897, and died September 1, 1973, and lived a wonderful life that soon changed the study on the human brain. (He received his B.S. degree in
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