Lord Of The Flies Gender Analysis

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Of all of the aspects mentioned earlier, the best and most interesting would be the symbolic aspect, which is brilliantly showcased throughout the novel. In Lord of the Flies, the characters possess distinguishable traits that define and symbolize every boy (Li & Wu, 2009, p.119). For example, Golding portrays that men are inherently evil, and Jack helps in proving that description. Jack symbolizes savagery and, throughout the novel, is described to be angry and in need of blood (Li & Wu, 2009, p.119). Contrarily, since the novel is only male based, this urges us to think about the opposing point of view where “Lord of the Flies” only consisted of female characters. In other words, females would have had a different representation of society…show more content…
One must differentiate between the behaviors of both genders as they would manifest themselves on the island. For example, if Ruth were on the island, she would have behaved in the same way she did in The Silver Sword. She would have figured out a way to feed the other girls and shelter them from the harshness of the environment. As a matter of fact, Ruth signifies strength in how capable she is in enduring, proceeding on and continuing throughout exhausting circumstances. For instance, in The Silver Sword, Ruth, does not show any sign of weakness while pursuing Edek. When she struggled while finding him, her stubbornness aided her to continue her search for him. That is to say, if she was weak and she let her emotions take over; she would have given up on the idea completely. Thus, she shows strength in the commitment to finding her brother. Furthermore, Ruth has a strongly symbolizes feminism and this helps to assume that all girls in “Lord of the Flies” would have represented a similar image. It is true that fear would have been the girl’s first reaction, but the girls would have worked together to protect one another afterward. They would have made handmade clothes, cooked meals, build shelters, done chores, and took care of the injured. All of the above aspects have been impressively explained in this paper, so overall to what extent would females on the island actually experience the terror and savagery life? The answer to that question would be,
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