Gender Themes In Hip Hop

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WHEN DISCUSSING WHETHER LOVE EXISTS in Hip Hop, requires more than just a yes or no answer. To understand what love is in Hip Hop; specifically rap videos and rap lyrics, one must consider the bigger picture. Current rap songs and videos include two depictions of men and women. Men can be described as hyper-masculine and women as hyper-sexual. Hyper-masculinity is defined as exaggerated male stereotypical behavior, displayed in one’s strength, aggression, and sexuality and is often directed towards women (Moshner and Sirkin, 1984). Hyper-masculinity is manifested in typical rap lyrics and videos through profane discussions or depictions concerning drugs, violence, guns, alcohol, jewelry, travelling excursions, materialism, money, and domination of women through blatant and subtle sexual descriptions. The videos that the average rap video depicts all of these concepts and more. The over-saturation and a re-iteration of a man’s dominance over women perpetuates sexism and degradation. Hyper-sexuality is defined as an oversexed obsession with the act of sex, which includes sexual activities and sexual fantasies (Rinehart and McCabe, 1997). Hyper-sexuality is manifested in typical rap lyrics and videos through profane discussions about sex, depictions of sexual activities, and…show more content…
A pivotal part of male rappers’ experiences involves personal relationships. The average rapper (male and female) does not have a positive and functional representations of male and female relationships; especially as it relates to monogamy. The lack of positive personal relationships have an interesting influence a rap artists’ lyrical content; especially a male rap artist. Because rap lyrics and videos rarely depict functional relationships or conversations, many critics of rap music begin to ask, “Where is the love, in Hip

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