Toys Influence On Children Essay

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Toys has a significant role in children’s lives. Toys can help children to stimulate pretend play, improve their development of cognitive skills and motor skills, as well as to help them to learn social play with other children. Besides that, different toys have different influence in children development. It is important to choose the right toy for a child to learn to play. However, many toys nowadays are highly gendered to either boy toys or girl toys. Often, toys that are associated with gender, the associations are being stereotyped. For example, “girl toys” focused more on domesticity, nurturing and appearance whereas, “boy toys” focused more on building, action and aggressive play (Anti-Defamation League, 2013). Regardless of the stereotyped labels on children’s toys, some children already have surplus to explicit understanding of gender-related…show more content…
For instance, a study was carried out on eighty-four children age four to nine years old to investigate the influence of gender and ethnicity on their inferences about toy choice. In the study, they used unfamiliar toy photographs and unfamiliar children faces from three different ethnic groups to study children’s inferences about toy choice. Children were asked to rate how much they would like each toy for themselves and children of the unfamiliar faces. The study results suggest that children pick toys for themselves and others based on a gender-centric and ethno-centric pattern. For gender-centric, children predicted that other children of same gender would like similar toys like themselves and for ethno-centric, children age of six and seven predicted that other children of the same ethnic would like similar toys like themselves (Lam & Leman, 2003). Deducing from this findings, children utilise information and concepts they have about gender and ethnicity based on schemas as a way of making predictions in choosing toys for themselves and
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