Gender Violence In Africa

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Name: Naa Akle Noi
Gender Violence in Africa.
Re-enacting sexual rights laws concerning women in Africa.

Gender Violence in Africa.
Re-enacting sexual rights laws concerning women in Africa. Gender violence has long been a problem existing in many societies all over the world and not just in Africa. According to Duke University’s women’s center, which is an educational institution in the United States, gender violence includes rape, sexual assault relationship violence, sexual harassment, stalking, prostitution and sex trafficking. This type of violence influences or is influenced by gender relations. However, for the purpose of this research, the focus is on women. Women in many parts of the world are looked
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incredibly high. HIV/AIDS is an epidemic in South Africa, with a total of 5,700,000 of the population who have contracted the disease according to 2007 UNAIDS report and if they are recording such a high number of sexual assault cases including rape, then we can imagine the harm being done. What is South Africa doing about this? And if they are indeed doing something about this, why haven’t the sexual assault cases reported reduced? Why is HIV still an epidemic…show more content…
One such organization is the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO within the years has partnered with other international agencies and organizations to reduce and eventually eliminate violence globally of which Africa is included through initiatives such as the Sexual Violence Research Initiative, Together for Girls, the Violence Against Women Working Group of the International Federation of Obstetrician- Gynecologists(FIGO) and the UN Joint Programme on Essential Services Package for Women Subject to Violence. This initiative by the WHO is aimed to reduce the sexual violence cases, however the WHO cannot achieve its aim if the respective countries involved are not ensuring that the laws involving these women who are subject to sexual assault are well enforced, and frankly those countries have not revised their laws to be able to eliminate the struggle of its women. It is no wonder that the WHO has decided to partner with other international organizations to help in the elimination of these acts. Again, it still no wonder that the sexual assault cases being reported by the countries involved continue to rise, the reason being that they have not invested time and resources to tackle

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