Causes Of Sex Violence

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“Shake that ass baby” or “why don’t you get down and clean the pipes” are the typical pick-up lines we hear every single day. Usually the sex assaulted is the female one, nevertheless men can also experiment this type of violence in the streets. The problem is that we do not notice the meaning behind those words and how it affects women. Nowadays, it is normal to see how women are receptors of gender violence in the streets. Society dictates that if we suffer from sex violence or if we are harassed is because we, as women, provoke it. In other words, if we are suffering from any form of gender aggression, we are the ones to blame. This includes whistles, catcalls, and any other type of harassment. It is constant, inescapable and it is hard…show more content…
If we are taught to catcall every single girl in the street that catches our attention since we are little, then we will do it more often as time passes. What’s more, this will not change even if we get to the age of 60 years old. It is a learned pattern from either our family or our culture. Maybe it was not directly learned. Maybe we learned it by watching a movie on television or through music. However, since no one corrected that behavior or it was viewed as a normal performance, young ones continued to do it until it became more and more natural. Indeed, you can see how catcalling and gender abuse is less frequent in well studied communities. For instance, it is less common to see this phenomena in universities within college students. Meanwhile, you can see that the places where you often suffer more from type of harassment is around construction areas, in a local market or any less educated neighborhood. Obviously, this does not always applies to every single area; there may be universities with a high gender harassment index while there might be constructions areas where their workers are really…show more content…
The fact that she is wearing a short dress or showing a little her cleavage does not mean she is asking for it. Girls have the right to wear whatever they want without being assaulted because of the way she looks. This applies to dresses, shorts, skirts and even shoes. On the contrary, there are few cases or even nonexistent cases in which a man is assaulted because he was wearing a tight shirt. Furthermore, if a man was about to be harass because of the way he dressed, he would probably not going to deal with it. Then, why cannot women respond in the same way? Evidently, it is all because we live in a chauvinistic culture. However, women are not objects or toys. Women are human beings to, and we have the same rights as men

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