Gender Violence: The Patriarchal Causes Of Violence Against Women

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The study again realized the existing social reality that violence against women are primarily gender-based, embedded in different layers of our society. This analysis shows that there are multiple causes, social factors of violence against women involved in sex working profession, as well as certain prescriptions from the participants and also came up that how to develop resistance.
One of the fundamental causes of violence against women is in every sense the unequal power equation between men and women, the patriarchal logic that govern the society lead to discrimination. This research unfolded that being women in general and a part of the ‘tabooed’ community sex workers face sheer violation, for example, most of them reported that ‘rehabilitation to mainstream society’ almost becomes impossible to them. The Gender violence is so deep rooted in a woman’s lifetime, that freedom from the threat of harassment, battering, and sexual assault is a concept that most of woman have a hard time imagining because violence is such an extensive part of the culture and their spirits. General economic dependence on their families and fear of social ostracization act as a significant deterrent for a woman. Poverty, inability to express, homelessness, isolation from family and friends and many other things contribute to the victimization of the women in society. Instead of putting the perpetrator to justice, the society’s focus shifts to the woman. The patriarchal social norms inhibit

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