Gender Vs Nonverbal Communication

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Gender is a group of human came to the earth to worship and to work. There are two different types of gender such as male and female. Male construction is coming from Adam. So, Adam is the first human on the earth and women are called Eve. So, related to the Old Testament, Eve was created from Adam's rib. Males and females are completely connected to each other, but they are still very different from each other, and socially constructed set of behavior patterns such as the leisure time, communication interaction and the world of work. First of all, speech communication and leisure time has many different ways for the boys and girls. There are a variety of behaviors, which makes the boy different from the girl. According to Maltz& Borker, 1982…show more content…
Nonverbal communicating is not included only gestures and body language, but also is include some words, inflection, pause and tone. There are many similarities between verbal and nonverbal communications. Both of them are rule guided. There are many nonverbal behaviors in varied situation. For example, in the United States and many countries, a handshake is the predictable way, but in the other countries or culture, kisses on cheeks is the standard mode of greeting and goodbye states. They are symbolic, which means verbal communication much nonverbal are represents other things, Symbols are representations of an event, action, object, person, or place that can be used to communicate about the event, action, object, person, or place. It depends on the context and the people. Symbols can be used for both receptive and expressive communication. For example, smile to symbolize happens in meeting a relative, scowl to show the anger and broaden our eyes to indicate surprise. Also, both verbal and nonverbal communication manners are designed by cultural ideas, values, customs and history. (Andersen, Hecht, Hoobler& Small wood; 2002 Emmons, 1998). For example, in the United States most people use forks and spoons for eating. In the East Asia like Japan and Chinese chopsticks are the main eating tool. However, in the United Arab Emirates, they are eating by their hands. Another way of reflecting cultures is the clothing. In India women wear saris but the western women wear jeans, shirts and suites and men wear different clothes from culture to another. There are many differences between verbal and nonverbal communication is credible or believable and multichannel. According to Andersen, 1999, people believe that nonverbal communication is more reliable than verbal communication in variety of expression the correct feelings such as when someone says “I’m fine” but from their facial expression is

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