Gender Wage Gap

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The gender wage gap is something that is a very pressing and important issue in our society today. Should there be a wage gap or should women be equal with men in the pay rates are two different sides that can be taken on this. However, I believe that we should take the steps to deplete the gap between wages of men and women. The ideas of wage gap is unfair due to the importance of women managers in the workplace, there is an unobserved component worker productivity that can be seen, as well as with female managers, that the wages of women are raised. Men and women everywhere have mainly two options for jobs. There are the blue-collar jobs and the white-collar jobs. The blue-collar jobs are usually and hourly pay rate times the number of…show more content…
We obviously know that a manager can affect the wages and promotion probabilities of existing workers(Hensvik, 397). Therefore, this means that if a woman is in charge of a company, she controls, to an extent, who gets a raise and how much of a raise they get. This means,that she can try her hardest and do all in her power to close the wage gap between the genders. Now, this is not fair, but it can be done and probably is done. The same goes for men, if a man is the manager, he could give men better and more raises and create an even high wage…show more content…
Thus, causing a higher paying rate job and causing a shrink within the gender wage gap. Women who are very career-oriented, could be more likely to pursue a female-led firm if they anticipate better advancement opportunities. However, female managers are usually seen as “gate-keepers” to maintain the majority’s dominance within the job(Hensvik, 398). Men view women as weak and think they do not have the skills it takes to run the business. They do not usually want a female to lead them, this is why men try to keep the dominance of the work place and keep women in the underlying positions. These smaller positions demand a smaller pay and less hours usually, resulting in a less paying

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