Gender Wage Gap Analysis

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For a successful completion of the Managing Diversity course, students were assigned to write a paper about a diversity issue or ethical dilemma where one feels strongly about. The following paper will scrutinize the chosen issue in light of criteria and standards acquired during the courses of Managing Diversity, Quest and Critical Thinking in Research. Further criteria will be drawn upon literature relevant to the topic. Introduction This paper explores the different aspects of the gender wage gap, while addressing different views regarding this issue. During the third Working with Diversity class, the concept of gender relations was addressed, raising the question whether the roles of men and women worldwide differ. (Darmon, 2014) This…show more content…
Things that should be priority when deciding upon the wage one will get, such as University degrees and experience, are not considered to be of greater importance than the differences in gender. Women who have similar qualities as men are still being undervalued for their work, getting less wage than men. (Equal pay/Compensation discrimination, 2013) This is incorrect, as people all have human rights, from which the most important one is described to be the right to be treated equally, fairly and with…show more content…
(PEW Research Center, 2010) Although, there are still little to no countries that are implementing rules regarding the gender wage difference, which is believed to be quite controversial, seen that this means that the inequality persists. So if these countries are truly supportive of gender equality, they should take some serious measures to overcome the major gap in wages for men and women rather than making promises they cannot keep. Another opposing view regarding the belief that the gender wage gap should be tackled, is Karl Marx’s theory on ideology. He has proposed that the remarkable persistence of gender inequality at the workplace is built on ideology, and thus, a justified example of social stratification. (Macionis & Plummer, 2008) However, as most countries nowadays recognize that equal rights should exist between men and women, then why should gender wage stratification be excluded from this belief? (Why is gender equally important,

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