Gender Wage Gap

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For many years there has been controversies about the gender wage gap in our society. Discrimination, abuse, illegal, unfair, and chauvinism are some of terms that come to our minds when this topic is brought to the table since these are the words most critics, advocates, feminist activist, social workers and many others use to refer to the wide gender pay gap existing nowadays.
In this paper we are going to examine the arguments of J. R. Shackleton and Hilary M. Lips, to have a better understanding of the gender wage gap in our country and to see if there is a possible solution to this problem.

Shackleton suggest that there are some explanation about the differences in women and men hourly wages, and attempts to explain why are these differences
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He attempts to prove that each arguments made by Shackleton is wrong. Even the women that have chosen a well-paid career and completed high levels of education seeking to get bigger earns, they found that men will still be making more money while getting more education as well. Lips also states that even when women enter male-dominated jobs they will get more, but not more than males. For women the dream of narrowing the gender wage gap means to impose in a world made for males. Another suggestion made by Lips was that if the employers continue to consider women’s work such as domestic and caretaker less important, then the gap will never be closed or it will only be good for those women who decide to not to have children. The gender wage gap should not be considered as women’s fault or poor decisions regarding their majors, type of job, or whether if they have children or not, since they pay gap still exist after the first year of college according to some data explained by…show more content…
There is the examination made of two categories of women: Macro level (homogeneous group) and Micro level (heterogeneous group). The purpose of this study was to have better understanding of the gender pay gap that has existed all over the world for many years and has not been solved.
In the Macro level group, the factor taken into consideration were economic, education, work experience, and discrimination. While in the Micro level the factor were personal preferences and attitudes. The gender wage gap it is not perceived as major issue for some, or sometimes some have not even perceived its existence. Khovera explains that in some cases women do not perceive the wage gap as something unfair and this is one of the reason they allow it to continue and are more like to have a submissive attitude towards the issue. While some women might be aware of the gap but perceive it as something that they cannot change and just accept it. Khovera.

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