Gender Wars Of Murder

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Gender Wars of Murder

Serial killings are receiving an increasing amount of attention from both the law enforcement and media. Recent studies show that in the last two decades 92.9% of serial killers have been males, and only 7.1% have been females. Female involvement in homicide investigations is not as common as it is for males. The question remains, why are there more male killers than females? Is it because they are more vengeful and dangerous? Or is it because females just don’t have the capabilities? Male and female serial killers have one main goal in mind, "to kill". However, they vary in every other aspect known to man.

Difference in Gender Roles Regular everyday men and women differ in various ways as everyone has
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Hickey (1991), a criminologist, divided female serial killers into two groups, Black Widows and Angels of death. This distinctive grouping was done back in 1991, however throughout the following years, the scope of female killers broadened and more distinct groups were distinguished.

Black Widows Female serial killers who only marry to kill their husbands for financial gain.

Angels of Death
FSK’s (female serial killers) who set themselves up as God, targeting those who in their estimation are already marked for natural death. For an example, people sick in hospitals, or an aged relative of theirs whose daily support has been in their hands. These killers typically use chemical weapons, such as lethal injection of potassium, or suffocation with a pillow, both these means are hard to trace.

Sexual Predators These FSK’s are driven by sexual fantasies. However, there are very few women who fit this category. These women, after having sex with their partners, for pay, end up murdering them.
Revenge Killers Revenge killers are typically driven by obsession of hatred, love, or jealousy. These types of killers are most common. They strike with a fatal vengeance.

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Criminologists and psychologists around the world throughout the past years have shown through their studies how the gender roles of men and women affect them as individual killers, making them distinctly different in methods. Studies have also shown and proven the various different types of female serial killers and each of their individual motives, as opposed to the typical psychotic or sexually driven male killer. The final aspect that their studies have shown, which most people have not thought twice of, is how female serial killers might just be the most dangerous of all. Throughout history we have all heard about the men who kill, and a little about the women who kill; however we fear the men more. Why? Because they seem stronger, more rageful and more intimidating. Will female serial killers be the future? When will people see the reality that these women are just not being
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