Sexism In Women's Sports

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Sexism in sports is a wide ranged topic that many people have ignored for most of their lives. Throughout the decades, women have been tossed away and not been allowed to do so many things in their life, that men have been allowed to do. For example, decades ago, women were never allowed to hunt, be seperate from their husbands, or even play sports til the 1900’s. Their only job was to sit home and care for the kids while the men did all the dirty work.

Now, our society has separated boys sports from women sports in a big way that has changed lives, with money.Women’s treatment in sport has always been a wild fire of bigger gender inequality. Womens sports started to become popular in the 19th century for the upper class women.
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Women were not able to have that benefit as men had so it’s hard to compare both their sports knowledge and sportsmanship. Recently in this decade, we have seen magnificent women 's sports teams in soccer and baseball, which used to be only considered sports for men. Female athletes still have a struggle of when they get older because they are supposed to be the mom and take care of the kids and dinner but yet still have time to play and practice their sports professionally. An example, is that their is still a low ratio of women 's coaches compared to men and female coaches who have the potential to become leaders have not increased…show more content…
In March, Steph Houghton, the best paid english tennis player, earns around 91093.19 US dollars and Wayne rooney, a male english tennis player, earns 420430.10. The explanation to this payment issue does not have a definite answer but can be proven as men, in any sport, get paid more than women. Another example is, for the US women 's football team, their win in the 2015 World Cup got them a $2m. Meanwhile the male football team, they were handed $35m just a year earlier.This shows that women can do the same exact sport and have the same exact victory of the males, but still get treated differently and get paid less. "We are making progress, but it is happening at a glacial pace," says Fiona Hathorn who is the managing director of the advocacy group, Women on Boards. This emphasizes that this movement of changing gender roles in payment towards sports are finally making a change but it is happening in a very slow pace so it may take a long time til this is actually finalized.

Another example of payment issues in the sports industry is softball and baseball profit differences. Obviously, after college baseball you get drafted to the MLB, which is a once in a lifetime chance to do what you love to do and make a ton of money doing it. An example of this money profit that the MLb has made for these 30 professional baseball teams, is the Dodgers, which there opening day payroll was $ 242,065,828,

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