Genders In The Victorian Era

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The Victorian era is extremely well known for its way of defining genders, showing satire/fake news and, the Aesthetic Movement. The way that this is all explained in online articles makes the Victorian era sound intriguing in many different ways, of course some are good and some are bad like many other eras such as our own. Today one will see that men and women are treated or what they are capable of doing today, are completely different from the Victorian era. With almost no change for the men, the change for the women 's drastically different.
To begin with, women were practically chained up in their homes much like the fairytales, a trapped princess with a dragon guarding the entrance. The reason for this is because in the Victorian era it was extremely important for families to carry on their bloodline. They accomplished this by having a daughter well suited for marriage and to look appealing to the men, making it easier to get married and have children. Women were raised or coached if you will to speak the language perfect and to have knowledge on music, singing, drawing, and dancing. Sadly, for women school education was not important at that time to women and was only optional for men because
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Back then men were off to get married and in order to do so they had to show that they provided a good home and also provided enough money to support the soon to be wife and possible children even though it’s likely for the couple to have a child to continue the bloodline. Men were also expected to have a lot of knowledge and to go to school and get an education to then lead into a job. It was normal to see a lot of men doing hard labor since they were typically stronger than most women and expected to have a wife to have dinner prepared when they arrive home and to have the house clean. It wasn’t socially acceptable to see a man tending to the child and the house
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