Genetic Engineering Biotechnology Benefits

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Science and technology are the fastest growing industries in the world and will always be. Reason for this is that human beings are constantly seeking ways of making life easier and function efficiently while producing quality work and leading a high standard of living. Much improvement has been seen in the agricultural sector with more genetically modified foods been produced to meet the overwhelming demand for food coming from the rapid growth of the world’s population. This investigation, was not only intended to answer whether genetic engineering could be regarded as biotechnology; but most importantly it was to note that not every scientific improvement aimed at helping human beings is necessarily beneficial, at least not completely.…show more content…
It has a huge element of uncertainly. For example, the cloning of Dolly was the success of one egg of 277 eggs. Therefore, there are no absolutely correct ways of telling the social, mental and medical consequences of cloning. New and more aggressive diseases can arise from cell mutations during cloning. Cloning also results in a loss of diversity in genes. Loo looking at Dolly’s life, it is very clear that clones tend to have a weak immune system and are vulnerable to infection, tumour growth and age very quickly. Gene cloning, like many other modern biotechnology techniques are very expensive, thus highly…show more content…
The big risk involved in consuming products like the transgenic banana and tomato is that the side effects are unknown; therefore, if ever they are discovered in the future, the impact on human health will be permanent. Some traditional farming economies are destroyed by genetically modified products companies. Lastly, the big disadvantage of genetic engineering is the overwhelming ethical and moral objections. Similar to biotechnology reservations, manipulations of organisms’ genetic makeup is a play of God’s work and idea of the world that He created. Furthermore, with genetic engineering some very bizarre modifications have been made and many are worried about scientists going too far with altering the order of life because there are no restrictions to their work. Above all, genetic engineering processes are a game of chance. Like the tomato where the desired gene is either “shot” into the cell using a gene gun or using invasive bacteria, there is too much uncertainty and uncontrollable mutations can occur. Most of the costs attached are extremely
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