Gene Forrester's Argumentative Essay

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Your honor, as I evaluated Gene Forrester, he was exceedingly suspicious, although that doesn’t mean anything quite yet. I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable, so we talked until I got to know Gene a little better than before. We went where he was most comfortable to talk about the incident.
I started off with simple questions to keep him from getting nervous. I asked him about his friendship with Phineas. I heard from Brinker Hadley that Phineas thought of Gene as his best friend. Gene hesitated to answer my question. He told me that Phineas and him did everything together. It made me suspicious of how he really felt about Phineas. I didn't push the subject on him. I finally go to the main subject. I simply asked Gene where he was when Phineas fell out of the tree.
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It was a terrible mishap. I could see something in Gene that I hadn't seen before when we started to talk about Phineas's death. All of a sudden Gene broke out, " I tried to tell him what really happened when I visited him at his home. He didn't believe me, and he got upset when I told him." I knew now that what Gene did was on purpose, but I still didn't understand how Phineas got hurt the second time. Gene seemed to be willing to tell me more than before. He told me about what Brinker Hadley did to him and Phineas. I thought to myself, " If Gene would have made Phineas believe him when he told him the truth instead of letting Phineas convince him that he couldn't have done this, then Phineas would most likely be alive right now." I was more than shocked to have found this out.
As you can see, in my professional opinion I do think that Gene Forrester is responsible for what happened to Phineas. I do believe that he intentionally caused the first the injury to Phineas. In all respect, I believe that Gene could have prevented what happened to Phineas the second time. With this being said, I do believe Gene is responsible for everything that happened to
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