Gene Luen Yang's Level Up

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Life is like being trapped inside a jar. You have to keep filling the jar with experience until you can finally achieve something great. Luckily sometimes a mentor can help you speed up the process by sharing the wisdom he collected with you. In the book Level Up by Gene Luen Yang, a young boy named Dennis Ouyang struggles to follow his dead father’s hope that he would become a gastroenterologist. By analysing the boy’s situation, it will show how he was helped by mentors on his way to becoming a gastroenterologist.

Growing up in a Chinese household, Dennis was constantly being pressured by his parents to do well in school, have a successful future, and obey the rules his parents set. He was always kept away from distractions and pushed to focus on his grades. For example, one Christmas, Dennis started dropping hints that he wanted a game station, but instead his parents gave him a
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Suddenly four angels appear before Dennis to help him, four angels that embodied the advices his dad gave him. The angels acted like an advisor, guiding Dennis, giving him a second chance at college, and finally helping him get into medical school. Both the angel and the gambler were people of knowledge and used their wisdom to help the protagonist get back on their feets. And after the help the angels gave him, he was able to get a second chance at achieving his father’s hope. After he had a fight with the angels because he believed that he was being pushed around, Dennis quits medical school and goes to try and pursuit a life as a professional gamer. But after having a conversation with one of the patients he examined back in medical school he had realized that being a gastroenterologist has now become he and his father’s hope. After returning to Medical School, Dennis was able to combine the skills he learned by playing games, and gastroenterology procedures to make the study a passion for

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