Gene Therapy Persuasive Speech

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Good Morning, my name is Abby Nield and today i will be talking to you about gene therapy and why this topic of research should no longer be funding by the Australian Government due to the current global finical situation. 
Gene therapy is the establishment of normal genes into cells in place of missing or malfunctioning ones in order to correct genetic disorders ( This experiment technique, introduced in the late 1970’s (, is used to treat or prevent disease. Gene therapy may allow doctors, in the future, to treat a disorder by installing a gene into a patients cell instead of using drugs or surgery (Genetics Home Reference). According to Medline Plus (, ‘Gene’s are building…show more content…
One of the most used phrases when talking about gene therapy is, ‘Are we playing God? (’ The thought behind this belief is ‘that we are to play the hand we are dealt (’ and biotechnology is attempting to change that ‘hand.’ Is it okay for us to manipulate human genes at all? When looking at the why behind gene therapy, it is evident there are many pro’s to the experiments however there are also many con’s. The creation of non-consenting research subjects due to the determination of gene therapy is another concern for those on the opposing team. There are also many concerns drawn toward the uncertainty of gene therapy, especially when looking at previous deaths in result of gene therapy. Many think it is not morally acceptable to be testing on human beings when there is so much risk involved. It is also stressed that ‘gene therapy could possibly manipulate gens to genetically control traits in human offspring that are not health related (’ To many, genetic modification or manipulation of genes is not morally or ethnically acceptable and therefore should not be done at all. Even though this procedure could save a life or help someone stretch their life span, people think it is unacceptable to play with the ‘body’ we were given. 

As gene therapy progresses we can see that it has many benefits and the future of gene therapy does look promising. There are many appealing things about gene therapy like when considering a person with a life threatening or incurable disease gene therapy becomes a good choice for diseases that have no set cure. However because of the amount of time and money put into this research ‘assignment’, it may be extremely difficult for people to afford this kind of treatment, therefore making it hard for pharmaceutical companies to want to get involved ( With limited number of patients to regain the costs
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