Genera General Order # 29 Analysis

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The Congress authorized the establishment of a Medical Service in July 1775 (Owen, 2007). The move was to enhance the coordination of medical care that was necessary for the continental army during the time of revolutionary war. Additionally, the formation of Army Medical service aimed at providing expert care to the U.S soldiers as well as their families. Besides, the move made a significant contribution towards assisting the wounded American soldiers in continuing with their missions in various wars. The establishment of the Medical Service also allowed for the training of a formidable team of nurses who had the full dedication to maintaining and promoting the health of the American soldiers, restoring the health of wounded soldiers, as well as sustaining the families of the soldiers. 2. What is General Order #29, tell us what the significance of this order is to you?…show more content…
Which also allows the Hospital Corps of the Army to consist of hospital stewards, acting hospital stewards, and privates; and all necessary hospital services in garrison, camp, or field (including ambulance service) shall be performed by the members thereof, who shall be regularly enlisted in the military service; said Corps shall be permanently attached to the Medical Department, and shall not be included in the effective strength of the Army nor counted as a part of the ' enlisted force provided by law. Lieutenant General R.C. Drum, (1887). It is significant to me because I now wear the rank of Sergeant and do the duties of a Hospital Steward (Medical NCO). I am proud to perform many medical duties as well as Soldier responsibilities that go along with that, whether that is in the field or Garrison that my authority requires me to
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